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Historical Interland area to Visit

15 Km. Theatre of courtly love between Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The Castle of the XII century, is located on the border between the Marche and Romagna. Its inside hall and room, remember the splendor of the powerful families that have ruled here: Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere.
San Giovanni in Marignano
15 km. Famous for the Witches Feast, revival of medieval myths of black magic and witchcraft, married to tourism and the Adriatic coast, San Giovanni In Marignano has a very important artistic heritage like the Castle dates back to the year 1200.
20 km. It 's a wonder corner of history and nature just a few steps from the sea. The city center preserves the old walls, the civic tower dating back to 1300, an extraordinary icebox, walkways, secret passages that the watchtower sea side leading to the castle. Not to be missed is the Potatos Festival, that takes place every year in August.
Santarcangelo di Romagna
25 km. The city has one of the most beautiful old towns in the province of Rimini united to his Castle. The town lies a hidden history and mysterious with its caves, cavities, shafts and tunnels used during the Second World War. There are countless events in Santarcangelo as "Glass under the stars" for the night of San Lorenzo (9th-10th August).
25 km. Veucchio is the cradle of the Malatesta Family and with its impregnable medieval Castle, was one of the most important feuds in the history of the Rimini. Not to be missed is the Festival that takes place every year.
Repubblica di San Marino
30 km. The oldest republic in the world, with 1700 years of history,only 15 km from Rimini. The medieval center, sorrounded by old walls, rises on Mount Titano, with an excellent position dominating the valley to the sea.
San Leo
40 km. It is the hamlet par excellence thanks to its Castle and numerous monuments and buildings dating back to the 500 and 600. The city hosted Dante ALighieri (is famous his sentence "Vassi in San Leo ...") and S. Francis of Assisi. San Leo is one of the most beautiful cities of art.
50 km. The most beautiful City of the Renaissance. The Ducal Palace built in 1400 by Frederick of Moltefeltro, the basilica, the tiles of the Della Robbia, the birthplace of the famous Raphael.
60 km. Ravenna, the city of mosaics, has been declared a world heritage by UNESCO. Eight are the monuments considered the heritage of 1500 years of history. A few kilometers from the Adriatic coast.